Our Cheese & Yogurt

Our Cheese & Yogurt

Indulge in the natural goodness of St.Dairy’s cheese, quark and yogurt. Lactose free. Gluten free. Zero gelatine. No starch. No artificial flavourants and colourants.

St.Dairy’s current cheeses are classified within the soft and semi-soft Red Rind Cheese varieties.

Natural cheeses with organic herbs and spices, which perfectly complement the milky, nutty flavours and earthy overtones. This gives each cheese variety its own unique taste. Mild and sweet when young, developing complexity and strength with age.

We invite you to taste St.Dairy, to decide for yourself: do our flavours and textures cause you to close your eyes?

Soft Cheese

Roter (red)

Semi-Soft Cheese



Wild Garlic

Paprika Chilli

Brazilian Pepper


Truffelino (the flagship, planned for 2016)

Hard Cheese

Alp Hard Cheese (to be introduced 2016)

Quark *

* St. Dairy Quark is a spoonable, German fresh
cheese with a creamy texture, high in protein.


Fruited – strawberry, mixed berry, apple pie

Savoury – Mixed Herb Savoury Quark | Kaese Mischung (with garden herbs)



Fruited – strawberry, mixed berry, apple pie

Heavenly Organic
Cheese & Yogurt!

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