About Us

About Us

A magical mix of science and artistry …

St.Dairy’s Cheese is home to a heavenly organic range of artisanal hand crafted cheeses. Experience pure delight.

About the Founder

Martin Rost completed his studies in Germany at the Dr. Osker Farny Institute and at the University of Hohenheim, qualifying with a Master’s Degree in Dairy Technology (this qualification is not available in South Africa) from the latter. He is a master cheesemaker.

Martin’s life-long road to cheesemaking mastery started back in 1981. Having worked as apprentice with a number of German master cheesemakers, Martin continuously seeks greater expertise to enable him to continuously advance his mastery.

Arriving in South Africa, Martin worked at an NGO in KwaZulu-Natal, from 1988 to 2000, establishing and operating a dairy food production facility for community development.

Martin grew up in the jungles of Papua New Guinea, on a mission station.

Honouring a Tradition

A good cheesemaker pays attention to detail. At St.Dairy we make our cheese from healthy raw materials. Milk is the main ingredient in our cheese, quark and yogurt, pastured on a dairy farm outside Bloemfontein in the Free State province of South Africa. We relish the fact that our milk supplier shares our passion for natural goodness, using no antibiotics or rBst hormones for growth and milk yield.

Preserving Wholesomeness

The artisans at St.Dairy get their milk directly from a dairy farmer. Due care is taken in preserving the purity, quality and flavour of the milk. No starch or gelatine is used during production. Only milk high in proteins, minerals and fat is utilised to achieve the heavenly organic taste and goodness of St.Dairy’s products.

Live, probiotic cultures, scientifically backed, are used in the St.Dairy process. All cheese, quark and yogurt are lactose free. The fruit base used is made of 100% natural ingredients.

We Live Our Passion

We fashion our cheeses by hand. Hand moulded, hand turned, hand washed. Making cheese is challenging at the best of times: a long, meticulous and physical process. Real cheese represents a magical mix of science and artistry. St.Dairy’s products are pure protein.

Only those with passion, perseverance and a thirst for learning, having achieved the appropriate level of mastery, will consistently produce real, world-class cheese, quark and yogurt.