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Welcome to St.Dairy, where our aim is to always bless you with heavenly organic cheese, quark* and yogurt. [* St.Dairy Quark is a spoonable, German fresh cheese with a creamy texture, high in protein.]

St.Dairy is proud to be part of a world-wide movement which strives to return humanity to a diet and lifestyle, which includes:

100% Natural. Organic. Purity. Wellness. Basic goodness. Health. Authenticity. Reliability.

We at St.Dairy believe that there is a need to return to the roots of cheese and yogurt making. The way cheese and yogurt have been made for centuries in the German Alps.

This belief, as our foundation, inspires everything we do.

About Us

Martin Rost

Master Cheesemaker

Master’s Degree in Dairy Technology
Dr.-Oskar-Farny-Institut, Germany
Forschungs- und Lehrmolkerei, University of Hohenheim, Germany

I, Martin Rost, founder of St.Dairy, hereby promise you, our client, that we will:

  • always strive to attain and uphold the HACCP* standards, as set by the European Union, [* Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points]
  • follow best practice in our cheesemaking, in the German and other European cheesemaking traditions,
  • continuously improve all aspects of our cheesemaking process, backed by scientific proof of improved practice from the world’s great cheesemaking traditions, and
  • regularly monitor and evaluate our compliance to these standards, through external, scientific testing.

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